Our Rates

We offer three rate categories depending on how much effort the proofreading and editing require.

All rates apply to both printed and electronic documents.


            Additional charges apply to all hard copy (printed) work that requires printing/copying, postage or courier fees.

            Please refer to our terms & conditions on quotation and payment procedures.

Category 2

Comprehensive Proofreading / Minor Editing Service

This service applies to well-written work that still needs in-depth proofreading and light editing. Spelling and punctuation errors, typos, capitalisation inconsistencies and grammatical errors are identified and corrected. The overall flow and readability of the work are enhanced.

. . . . . 

The rate is from R160 /1000 words (16c / word) .

Category 3

Full Editing Service

The full editing service includes everything done during our comprehensive proofreading service with an additional critical review of the complete document. Included in this could be the rewriting of sentences or paragraphs when deemed necessary.

Relevant queries and comments will be left in the margin of the document. 

. . . . .

The rate is from R200 /1000 words (20c / word) .

Category 1

Basic Proofreading Service

This service is for work in its final draft stage; properly edited and well-written. It only needs a final scrutiny to identify and correct small typos and lapses. 

. . . . . 

The rate is from R120 /1000 words (12c / word).